Animal Flow

Unleash your inner beast with a movement flow that focuses on strength, flexibility and body control across different dimensions.

Animal Flow® is an innovative fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout emphasising multi-planar, fluid movement.

Animal Flow is movement training for beginners to athletes. This is the first official Animal Flow class to run in Bath and I’m so excited to be able to bring this amazing bodyweight training flow to the city!

The class structure includes warm up drills, wrist stretches, static positions, travelling forms and form specific stretches which allow you to progress week by week to learning full movement flows.

It aids mobility, flexibility, increases endurance and strength and helps with coordination, as well as improves stability, control and power.

Come and unleash your inner beast!

what could you expect from an animal flow workout?

  • let the ground become your best friend and let it help you reconnect with your body 

  • build simultaneous, whole-body strength and mobility

  • connect sequences of movements which enhance coordination and control 

  • have fun by moving through all the spaces in-between 

  • learn to use animal movements to enhance the function of the ‘human animal’

What our clients are saying

Animal flow is the highlight of my week! Steph is a fantastic trainer and really helps you to achieve the precision of the animal flow moves. Animal Flow has improved my flexibility, mobility and core strength and it’s great fun!
— Emily Darrington
Steph’s animal flow class is like drinking scrumpy with friends. You have a great time and feel marvelous, even if afterwards your legs are more wobbly than when you started. Animal Flow is an addictive full body workout and once you start you want to do makes your body alive
— Nick Hill
I was delighted when I overheard a conversation about Steph running an Animal Flow class in Bath. I immediately contacted her. She gave me a thorough one-to-one session to bring me up to date with the rest of the group. The class has been fun and challenging in equal measure! The technique of using your own body weight to move through patterns of Bear, Ape, Crab and Scorpion has given me more flexibility in my shoulders and my hips in record time. Steph’s teaching is very clear and she is a sickler for good technique! This makes all the difference in the speed we have been able to learn new sequences and improve. Can’t wait to learn a new Animal soon!
— Kerry Wood
Steph’s passion for teaching Animal Flow is contagious! I’m loving her classes and I look forward to learning more every week.
— Polly Matteson
Steph’s Animal Flow classes are dynamic and fun. Her approach and teaching style makes it very easy to follow the flow in fluid, coordinated movements. I have seen a huge improvement to my strength and agility in a very short time.
Look forward to our summertime park flow.
— Delma Ralston

Fancy Unleashing your Inner Beast?

animal flow sessions are every monday 6.15-7.15pm 

 alice park, bath (weather permitting)

New oriel hall, larkhall

£10.00 DROP IN per session

booking is essential

Email or call Steph to book your spot or find out more

07867 987653