Keeping it lean in 2018... Tips to stop over eating!

Overeating is a sure fire way to pile on the pounds and something a lot of us are guilty of. If we all just took some time out during meals we could seriously make a dent in the amount of unnecessary calories we consumed on a daily basis.

Maybe you're in control with your portion sizes at home as you have coping mechanisms which aid you like using a smaller plate to stop over eating when you're actually full, or just cooking exactly the right amount for each person in the family so there isn't enough for second helpings. Lets be honest it is rare we need a second helping. It is just either habit or ingrained in us from childhood to not only finish whats on our plates but also to demolish the entire contents of every dish and saucepan in the house! None of us want to waste food especially when there is a shortage of the stuff in many parts of the world but lets think about ways we can avoid this happening in the first place.

Tip no 1 is something i touched on earlier..... use a smaller plate for meals. Instead of using a large dinner plate get a smaller one and fill that.

Tip no 2 is to chew your food more slowly. Enjoy each mouthful and savour the tastes of each and every morsel! Slowing down has other benefits for our health too like better digestion, better hydration and increased weight loss so whats not to love!

Tip no 3 ... drink water during your meal and take small sips in between mouthfuls. Not only will this aid your water intake for the day (we want to drink a minimum of 2 litres a day if possible) but it aids digestion as well as filling your stomach up with some other good stuff too!

Tip no 4 is my favourite.... take TIME OUT half way through your meal! Decide a point at the beginning of the meal when you will stop, sit back and take a good few minutes to allow the brain, stomach and taste buds to all have a word with themselves and most likely they will decide they don't need to continue to second half! You can choose when that point will be before you begin eating - maybe after half the meal has been consumed or time yourself and use points 2 & 3 to help you find this half way point. Slowing down the whole process has heaps of benefits you know!

So as we know weight loss is basically calories in versus calories out at the end of the day. It's not rocket science. Eating more of the good stuff is clearly the best way but if we get down to brass tacks this is what will shift weight and therefore eating less any way we can is going to get you there more quickly. If you make the right choices and eat as many superfoods and fresh veggies as possible its a win win as your skin will glow, you'll increase energy levels and you'll feel more like a super ninja who can take on the world and lets be honest that can only be a good thing!

On the note of super foods check out my delicious Quinoa super salad with tuna & avocado below which you can make and keep in fridge and use for a few days as a quick and simple tasty addition to your lunch or dinner. Mine has chillis in but you can omit them if you don't want the fire! Recipe is on our Facebook page!

Check our instagram and Facebook pages for regular updates and other recipes and tips for helping you to keep it lean in 2018!

Super food Quinoa salad.jpg

Nothing worth having ever came easy?

So do you agree with this statement? When it comes to reaching your goal whether that be a specific measured goal of weight loss or running a half marathon in a certain time or getting into a size 8 pair of jeans it takes a few things to get there. One of these is hard work and commitment.

One of my favourite sayings (which may grate on some half way through their tough workout session!) that's true to the core is "If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you"... This is the word CHALLENGING that overcomes so many and stops them from reaching their goals.

I believe in challenging myself every single day. Whether it be with my work or personal life I love to feel challenged and put to the test. It makes things that seemed impossible suddenly seem possible, if you don't give up of course! When it comes to fitness and nutrition goals none of it is easy... if it were I'd be out of a job along with all the other PTs out there! It's HARD WORK! It takes sweat, heaps of energy, dedication, determination and drive... not to mention strength... Mentally and physically!

Something I hear all too often is "I want to lose a stone in a month" or " I am going on holiday in 2 months and I want to look good in a bikini for it" ....GREAT! That's your starting point, your decision and your goal.... BUT... it takes more than a month it takes months or years and thats why I promote a 'lifestyle' change when I meet clients. Make this part of your life. Live it and you will begin to love it! You will crave exercise as you see the body weight drop and the changes to your physique. You will enjoy eating healthily and preparing delicious meals which energise you and at the same time promote better sleep, digestion and aid your weight loss journey.

This brings me on to my amazing and inspirational client, Jayne. She has been training with me since January on the Get Lean programme and lost over 2 stone and dropped two dress sizes, not to mention 15% body fat reduction. She is an amazing example of someone, who, not only has embraced the journey, but has 100% committed to it and made it part of her and her families lifestyle. Her before and after photos below are a true testament to her hard work and commitment. Look out for her short film coming soon on our website and social media pages. She truly is an inspiration to all!

In a nutshell (excuse the healthy pun!) when the going gets tough push through it, never give up and remember NOTHING WORTH HAVING EVER CAME EASY!  

Jayne before she started the Get Lean Plan!

Jayne before she started the Get Lean Plan!

Jayne now! 2 Stone lighter and from size 14 - 10 with a 15% body fat reduction! That's dedication for you eh!

Jayne now! 2 Stone lighter and from size 14 - 10 with a 15% body fat reduction! That's dedication for you eh!

Keep It Lean in 2017!

So the festivities are over but I think most people are ready to take a break from the parties and over indulgence that a lot of folk tend to partake in over Xmas and New Year period? Eaten your bodyweight in turkey, Christmas Pudding, chocolate and drunk enough alcohol to sink a ship? Late nights and lack of sleep with little or no hydration apart from Baileys and prosecco?! Well don't worry only a few will fall into this category... most folk still manage to stick to some kind of balanced bingeing! so......Is there such a thing as balanced Bingeing?!

I believe in creating a lifestyle that can be managed and maintained all year not just for a week, month or quarter. Then when special occasions come up or Christmas parties we can balance out our good with our not so good choices and still come out the other side without ruining loads of hard work built up beforehand. We all enjoy something sweet, alcoholic or high in calories every now and again that kind of makes us human and it's ok to have this and not feel huge guilt either but I believe the more you can create a healthy balanced lifestyle in forms of nutrition, sleep and fitness the less you will crave these things... Try it and see!

Today is the launch of a new programme "Keep it Lean in 2017" designed for all those who want to kick start their New Year health and fitness goals and need that guidance and support to then transform it into a lifestyle that works for you. The actual programme incorporates a menu plan to follow, 6 workout choices each week, measurements and photos to help motivate you on your goal and a private support group where we can share best practice, recipes, feel good factor tips and keep one another motivated to a new fitter, leaner, strong and energetic 2017! 

If this sounds like something you'd like to jump on board with then email or message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page to register your interest.

Happy New Year everyone.... here's to never having to make a health and fitness New Years resolution ever again! #lifestylechange #gwtpbath #getleanin2017

Paleo One Tray Mediterranean Chicken

The biggest fallacy about eating clean and having a healthy, balanced, delicious diet is it takes too much time and is complicated.... Let's put that myth to bed right now! In a previous post "Clean eating and time trouble" on my blog I discuss the issues many feel gets in their way when trying to follow nutrition plans, diets or new health routines. It all comes down to planning! YES IT'S TRUE! Check out that post and you'll find out some easy ways to factor in everything you need to in order to follow a clean and healthy lifestyle for life which isn't boring, doesn't take hours and soon will just become as normal to you as cleaning your teeth!

So onto the good bit... the recipe for the delicious dish I posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages last night. From fridge to oven literally 10 minutes max and will leave your taste buds tingling for a long while afterwards :)

Ingredients :  3tsp coconut oil melted, 8-10 Free range or organic Chicken thighs, 2 x Sweet Potatoes peeled & cut into large chunks, 3 x red onions cut in quarters, 2 cloves crushed garlic, 3 rashers smoked bacon cut into 1" pieces, 4 x preserved lemons cut into quarters, 2 tsp of smoked paprika. 2 x Red Peppers cut into quarters, 2 x courgettes cut into large chunks, black pepper.

Method: Pre heat oven to 200 degrees C. Melt coconut oil in large oven tray then toss sweet potato, chicken thighs, garlic, onion to coat. Add bacon & preserved lemons, season well then scatter paprika and coat contents of tray then bake in oven for 40 mins. Take tray out toss everything then add courgettes, red peppers and black pepper then return to oven for a further 20 mins. Then simply take out of oven, serve and devour!

Kettlebell Complex on a Rainy Sunday!

If you train with me or have knowledge of kettlebells and want to work up a good sweat and feel the force then here's a little complex for you to do.

Just click on the link above!

Remember to 'zip up the coat' on your snatch, hip snap on your swing, candle breath at top of swing and hinge don't squat   ... you know the drill!

If you don't then make sure you get proper tuition from a certified kettlebell trainer who can teach you how to use this amazing piece of steel with the respect it deserves!


If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you!

We all have different goals... whether it be to lose weight, run a 10k, give up chocolate or just get stronger and feel healthier. On a regular basis I hear people ask me "how long will it take?" or " "Do you think I can get into this bikini by my holiday?" as they want to, understandably, reach their goal for a specific reason or event.

Getting in shape is HARD WORK! It takes determination, time and real effort. It is not just about turning  up to bootcamp three times a week or sticking to your nutrition plan 5 days a week for 2 months, it's about challenging yourself.

Challenging yourself is something we should all do on a daily basis. It makes the things we deemed impossible start to seem possible. It is about small steps to reach large milestones. When it comes to health and fitness goals everyones targets and steps are different, based on their bodies, on their goals, on their individual make up which equates to your own journey and that journey is tough sometimes but when you reach that first milestone you will feel amazing and spurred on to keep going for the next milestone and so on.

When it comes to exercise there will be days when you have to push through a lot of mental barriers. Your workouts should NEVER feel easy. Some days they won't be about sweating and puffing and panting but about mobility and stretching but they should still always challenge you. Your nutrition journey may feel boring somedays, like you just want to run to the nearest cake shop and load on sugar but then it's about a choice... thats the challenge! There aint no diet pill or magic juice, there isn't a one stop shop for quick fat burning workouts, there are no half measures... if you want results that last its about committing to a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!   

After a while you will get into a routine with what foods work best for your body, how to plan and prep, cooking will become part and parcel of your week and you will be a master at your own nutrition diary. Training will become part of your daily regime and pushing yourself will become fun because the results will come side by side with your efforts. 

Reaching any goal takes commitment, hard work and the right attitude and if you start there and maintain that it will happen and you will more likely enjoy the journey! If it doesn't challenge you it most certainly won't change you folks! 

Small changes can lead to bigger things!

So you're looking to get fitter, healthier, feel better about yourself whether that be image, mind or just that feel good factor to kick back in. It's tough with everyday pressures of work, family commitments and that lack of time we all battle with but just start somewhere. It doesn't have to be about taking on a complete lifestyle change & feeling overwhelmed by the changes you need to make just start with small steps.

Think of where or what you'd like to change, feel, achieve and then look at ways you can start implementing those changes without it feeling daunting. For example wake up each morning and have a glass of water to start your day. Do it every day for a month and make this part of your morning ritual. Add some lemon or lime to it for that morning zing to kick in or keep a jug prepared and cooled in the fridge for time saving. Just this one tiny change can make big differences to your body; Rehydrate you after sleep, boost energy levels, flush away unwanted toxins, fuel your brain boost your immunity levels, prepare your body for better nutrient absorption & aid better metabolism not to mention starting the day with a positive choice to assist in you making good food choices throughout the day.  

Then try and implement half an hours exercise into your day, every day! Walking to work, jogging in your lunch break or going to a local gym to do a half hour lunch spin, HIIT or yoga class. Taking the stairs up to your office instead of the lift. Joining a local football club, lunchtime run club or outdoor bootcamp. Just make a conscious effort to move more and factor this into your weekly routine.

Even these two small changes can make really positive impacts on our lifestyle and lead to much bigger things. It's all about lifestyle change and making it a habit so it becomes as normal as cleaning your teeth. Try these two small steps for one month and feel the difference!

Fancy a guilt free sweet treat?!

If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter I hope you saw our post for deliciously scrumptious banana and walnut ice cream this week? If you don't follow us then what are you waiting for.... here's the links to do just that! We post regular updates on clean eating, training & workout ideas as well as updates on all our sessions we run throughout the week and how you can get involved and #jointhetribe

So back to the main talking point of the guilt free sweet treat...Banana & Walnut frozen cream :)  If you crave something sweet then this will most definitely hit the spot and the best bit is it is so simple anyone can prepare it.... that includes can't cook won't cook folk as it needs none of that!

Serves 4 people - Cut 4 bananas into 4cm pieces & place in freezer on a tray with greaseproof paper and leave to freeze for 4-5 hours. Take 8-10 walnut pieces, frozen banana, 300mls of almond milk & a teaspoon of organic honey and blend it all in your nutribullet or blender.

Serve in dishes with crushed walnut pieces on top and devour!

On that note we're off to Bootcamp for a workout in Alice Park! 



Clean Eating and time trouble!

clean eating bath

It's the same for all of us, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year but one thing we can't do is get more time! The biggest problem a lot of people face is how to manage time efficiently. We all have different lifestyles, some of us more hectic than others. So often i hear clients say " I haven't got time" and I get it....It's tough fitting everything in to 24 hours!

The key to success when it comes to clean eating to stay healthy, fit & on top of your weight goals is PLANNING!

There are various ways to stay on your goal:

Writing a meal planner for the week is a perfect way to stay on track. It also allows you to buy the weeks food from a shopping list created at the same time so it saves waste as well as leaving you more time to fit in the other million and one jobs you have to attend to! Just keep a half hour slot free every week to write your meal plan & shopping list. Incorporate meals which you can cook which will also work for a lunch; for example Jerk chicken with veggies then use cold chicken in a salad the next day for lunch. (Recipe to follow!) Or a dish with Quinoa then use the cold leftovers as a delicious addition to your salad for lunches throughout the week.

I get my quinoa from Emily at Bath Farm Girls as it is locally grown & absolutely delicious! Check out her website and Facebook page for delicious recipe ideas!

Prepping food for the week is also a great tip for time saving. Tupperwares are of all shapes and sizes will come in handy to store salad items such as beetroot, cucumber, fruit salad, pre prepped veggies, Quinoa etc so they can just be stored in the fridge and thrown into a salad in minutes when you're busy and short on time. Keep a supply of nuts, fruit and pre prepped veggies to hand for snacking & plenty of chilled water for hydration... add lemon and lime slices to add a zing to it! 

Nutri Bullets are also a brilliant addition to your kitchen for a nutritious and filling lunch or snack to avoid those unwanted sugary filled grab snacks that pile on the pounds and make you feel lethargic. From fridge to glass in literally 2 mins! My current favourite is handful of spinach, handful of blueberries, shake of pumpkin seeds, half a banana, chunk of ginger topped up with water. You can add anything to your bullet shake so just substitute what you like and don't like but remember to add some greens such as spinach.. they're a super food and great source of protein, good carbohydrates and packed with vitamins and folic acid.

So remember to diarise a slot to accommodate these small steps into your week and it will help you to stay at the top of your nutrition game for sure!

Keep an eye out for some great recipes... Jerk Chicken & Salmon will be posted for you soon :)