If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you!

We all have different goals... whether it be to lose weight, run a 10k, give up chocolate or just get stronger and feel healthier. On a regular basis I hear people ask me "how long will it take?" or " "Do you think I can get into this bikini by my holiday?" as they want to, understandably, reach their goal for a specific reason or event.

Getting in shape is HARD WORK! It takes determination, time and real effort. It is not just about turning  up to bootcamp three times a week or sticking to your nutrition plan 5 days a week for 2 months, it's about challenging yourself.

Challenging yourself is something we should all do on a daily basis. It makes the things we deemed impossible start to seem possible. It is about small steps to reach large milestones. When it comes to health and fitness goals everyones targets and steps are different, based on their bodies, on their goals, on their individual make up which equates to your own journey and that journey is tough sometimes but when you reach that first milestone you will feel amazing and spurred on to keep going for the next milestone and so on.

When it comes to exercise there will be days when you have to push through a lot of mental barriers. Your workouts should NEVER feel easy. Some days they won't be about sweating and puffing and panting but about mobility and stretching but they should still always challenge you. Your nutrition journey may feel boring somedays, like you just want to run to the nearest cake shop and load on sugar but then it's about a choice... thats the challenge! There aint no diet pill or magic juice, there isn't a one stop shop for quick fat burning workouts, there are no half measures... if you want results that last its about committing to a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!   

After a while you will get into a routine with what foods work best for your body, how to plan and prep, cooking will become part and parcel of your week and you will be a master at your own nutrition diary. Training will become part of your daily regime and pushing yourself will become fun because the results will come side by side with your efforts. 

Reaching any goal takes commitment, hard work and the right attitude and if you start there and maintain that it will happen and you will more likely enjoy the journey! If it doesn't challenge you it most certainly won't change you folks!