Small changes can lead to bigger things!

So you're looking to get fitter, healthier, feel better about yourself whether that be image, mind or just that feel good factor to kick back in. It's tough with everyday pressures of work, family commitments and that lack of time we all battle with but just start somewhere. It doesn't have to be about taking on a complete lifestyle change & feeling overwhelmed by the changes you need to make just start with small steps.

Think of where or what you'd like to change, feel, achieve and then look at ways you can start implementing those changes without it feeling daunting. For example wake up each morning and have a glass of water to start your day. Do it every day for a month and make this part of your morning ritual. Add some lemon or lime to it for that morning zing to kick in or keep a jug prepared and cooled in the fridge for time saving. Just this one tiny change can make big differences to your body; Rehydrate you after sleep, boost energy levels, flush away unwanted toxins, fuel your brain boost your immunity levels, prepare your body for better nutrient absorption & aid better metabolism not to mention starting the day with a positive choice to assist in you making good food choices throughout the day.  

Then try and implement half an hours exercise into your day, every day! Walking to work, jogging in your lunch break or going to a local gym to do a half hour lunch spin, HIIT or yoga class. Taking the stairs up to your office instead of the lift. Joining a local football club, lunchtime run club or outdoor bootcamp. Just make a conscious effort to move more and factor this into your weekly routine.

Even these two small changes can make really positive impacts on our lifestyle and lead to much bigger things. It's all about lifestyle change and making it a habit so it becomes as normal as cleaning your teeth. Try these two small steps for one month and feel the difference!