Keep It Lean in 2017!

So the festivities are over but I think most people are ready to take a break from the parties and over indulgence that a lot of folk tend to partake in over Xmas and New Year period? Eaten your bodyweight in turkey, Christmas Pudding, chocolate and drunk enough alcohol to sink a ship? Late nights and lack of sleep with little or no hydration apart from Baileys and prosecco?! Well don't worry only a few will fall into this category... most folk still manage to stick to some kind of balanced bingeing! so......Is there such a thing as balanced Bingeing?!

I believe in creating a lifestyle that can be managed and maintained all year not just for a week, month or quarter. Then when special occasions come up or Christmas parties we can balance out our good with our not so good choices and still come out the other side without ruining loads of hard work built up beforehand. We all enjoy something sweet, alcoholic or high in calories every now and again that kind of makes us human and it's ok to have this and not feel huge guilt either but I believe the more you can create a healthy balanced lifestyle in forms of nutrition, sleep and fitness the less you will crave these things... Try it and see!

Today is the launch of a new programme "Keep it Lean in 2017" designed for all those who want to kick start their New Year health and fitness goals and need that guidance and support to then transform it into a lifestyle that works for you. The actual programme incorporates a menu plan to follow, 6 workout choices each week, measurements and photos to help motivate you on your goal and a private support group where we can share best practice, recipes, feel good factor tips and keep one another motivated to a new fitter, leaner, strong and energetic 2017! 

If this sounds like something you'd like to jump on board with then email or message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page to register your interest.

Happy New Year everyone.... here's to never having to make a health and fitness New Years resolution ever again! #lifestylechange #gwtpbath #getleanin2017