Clean Eating and time trouble!

clean eating bath

It's the same for all of us, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year but one thing we can't do is get more time! The biggest problem a lot of people face is how to manage time efficiently. We all have different lifestyles, some of us more hectic than others. So often i hear clients say " I haven't got time" and I get it....It's tough fitting everything in to 24 hours!

The key to success when it comes to clean eating to stay healthy, fit & on top of your weight goals is PLANNING!

There are various ways to stay on your goal:

Writing a meal planner for the week is a perfect way to stay on track. It also allows you to buy the weeks food from a shopping list created at the same time so it saves waste as well as leaving you more time to fit in the other million and one jobs you have to attend to! Just keep a half hour slot free every week to write your meal plan & shopping list. Incorporate meals which you can cook which will also work for a lunch; for example Jerk chicken with veggies then use cold chicken in a salad the next day for lunch. (Recipe to follow!) Or a dish with Quinoa then use the cold leftovers as a delicious addition to your salad for lunches throughout the week.

I get my quinoa from Emily at Bath Farm Girls as it is locally grown & absolutely delicious! Check out her website and Facebook page for delicious recipe ideas!

Prepping food for the week is also a great tip for time saving. Tupperwares are of all shapes and sizes will come in handy to store salad items such as beetroot, cucumber, fruit salad, pre prepped veggies, Quinoa etc so they can just be stored in the fridge and thrown into a salad in minutes when you're busy and short on time. Keep a supply of nuts, fruit and pre prepped veggies to hand for snacking & plenty of chilled water for hydration... add lemon and lime slices to add a zing to it! 

Nutri Bullets are also a brilliant addition to your kitchen for a nutritious and filling lunch or snack to avoid those unwanted sugary filled grab snacks that pile on the pounds and make you feel lethargic. From fridge to glass in literally 2 mins! My current favourite is handful of spinach, handful of blueberries, shake of pumpkin seeds, half a banana, chunk of ginger topped up with water. You can add anything to your bullet shake so just substitute what you like and don't like but remember to add some greens such as spinach.. they're a super food and great source of protein, good carbohydrates and packed with vitamins and folic acid.

So remember to diarise a slot to accommodate these small steps into your week and it will help you to stay at the top of your nutrition game for sure!

Keep an eye out for some great recipes... Jerk Chicken & Salmon will be posted for you soon :)