Keeping it lean in 2018... Tips to stop over eating!

Overeating is a sure fire way to pile on the pounds and something a lot of us are guilty of. If we all just took some time out during meals we could seriously make a dent in the amount of unnecessary calories we consumed on a daily basis.

Maybe you're in control with your portion sizes at home as you have coping mechanisms which aid you like using a smaller plate to stop over eating when you're actually full, or just cooking exactly the right amount for each person in the family so there isn't enough for second helpings. Lets be honest it is rare we need a second helping. It is just either habit or ingrained in us from childhood to not only finish whats on our plates but also to demolish the entire contents of every dish and saucepan in the house! None of us want to waste food especially when there is a shortage of the stuff in many parts of the world but lets think about ways we can avoid this happening in the first place.

Tip no 1 is something i touched on earlier..... use a smaller plate for meals. Instead of using a large dinner plate get a smaller one and fill that.

Tip no 2 is to chew your food more slowly. Enjoy each mouthful and savour the tastes of each and every morsel! Slowing down has other benefits for our health too like better digestion, better hydration and increased weight loss so whats not to love!

Tip no 3 ... drink water during your meal and take small sips in between mouthfuls. Not only will this aid your water intake for the day (we want to drink a minimum of 2 litres a day if possible) but it aids digestion as well as filling your stomach up with some other good stuff too!

Tip no 4 is my favourite.... take TIME OUT half way through your meal! Decide a point at the beginning of the meal when you will stop, sit back and take a good few minutes to allow the brain, stomach and taste buds to all have a word with themselves and most likely they will decide they don't need to continue to second half! You can choose when that point will be before you begin eating - maybe after half the meal has been consumed or time yourself and use points 2 & 3 to help you find this half way point. Slowing down the whole process has heaps of benefits you know!

So as we know weight loss is basically calories in versus calories out at the end of the day. It's not rocket science. Eating more of the good stuff is clearly the best way but if we get down to brass tacks this is what will shift weight and therefore eating less any way we can is going to get you there more quickly. If you make the right choices and eat as many superfoods and fresh veggies as possible its a win win as your skin will glow, you'll increase energy levels and you'll feel more like a super ninja who can take on the world and lets be honest that can only be a good thing!

On the note of super foods check out my delicious Quinoa super salad with tuna & avocado below which you can make and keep in fridge and use for a few days as a quick and simple tasty addition to your lunch or dinner. Mine has chillis in but you can omit them if you don't want the fire! Recipe is on our Facebook page!

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Super food Quinoa salad.jpg