Animal Flow Front Kick-Through

Explosive Exercise & Full Body Movement

You may have seen some of the Animal Flow crew perform on our social media pages.

The Front Kick-Through is an explosive exercise and a total body movement that challenges you both physically and mentally, improving your coordination. In addition to being a challenging trunk exercise, it’s great for conditioning your single arm stability as you move back and forth from the loaded beast position to the front kick through.

Even though this isn’t one of the actual animal forms, it’s one of the “switches and transitions” movements that links the animal forms together, creating the “flow” in Animal Flow. Thus, it’s a staple movement in the Animal Flow Workout. As with any skill building exercise, you’ll have to put the time in to practice in order to perfect the movement.  if you are interested in seeing more about the Animal Flow Workout message me or come along on a Monday night 6.15pm to practice. It’s lots of fun!

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