Taste Sensation & Gadget Focus

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Instead of a recipe this month I’m going to share a taste sensation and gadget that may just add some real interest to your mealtimes along with stacks of vitamins and it’s really pretty and colourful! What’s not to like I hear you say....

This brilliant gadget (I got from one of my clients who loves to cook ... how kind of her!) has really added a lot to my mealtimes. It simply, easily and quickly shreds red and white cabbage, carrots, apple, cucumber and more into an amazing fresh coleslaw! This one pictured is simply red cabbage with carrot and I made a simple dressing of wine or cider vinegar with some very good olive oil and Dijon mustard. 

Now the Summer months are here we tend to eat more salads and cold accompaniments especially as the weather is heating up (HURRAY!) so this will hopefully contribute to making your meal times more delicious and a simple way to get the goodness we need to stay healthy and strong and vitamin fueled.

Get the gadget on line and give it a whirl and share your photos on Facebook or Instagram and don’t forget to tag us in @GWTPBath

Remember folks YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT :)