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If you’re looking to burn fat, get leaner, stronger and increase your flexibility then Kettlebells will & can deliver. Dating back to the 18th century this versatile training tool will take your fitness to the next level.


  • Versatile - One tool to work every muscle in the body

  • CV Endurance - Bridges the gap between strength training & cardio

  • Back pain, weak core? Strengthens back by constantly challenging posterior muscles and increases core strength by engaging abs during multi plane movements

  • No Excuses - Portable & easy to transport! You will never miss a workout.. train in the park, garden, home, anywhere

  • Short of time? - Kettlebell complexes allow you to train your entire body in one workout in less than 30 minutes GUARANTEED!

  • Increased Fat Loss - Metabolic workouts allow your body to benefit from the effects of EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) or more commonly known as the afterburn so your body carries on burning fat long after you finish your workout by giving you the metabolic boost it needs

What our clients are saying

I had never used kettle bells before trying Bootcamp having consistently used gyms and probably got a little stale with it. Steph is very knowledgeable and clearly well coached in their use and benefits. The workouts she creates are intense , varied and designed for maximum benefit. All of us have gained improvements in cardio , tone and overall strength as a result.

I would recommend the kettlebell workouts at Stephs Bootcamp as the best fat burner out there.
— Ben
I started training with kettlebells with Steph about 2 years ago and it is the single most impacting type of training I have discovered. For such a simple piece of equipment, I am amazed at the huge difference it has made to my strength, body shape and stamina. With Steph’s high energy, professional coaching, I have gone from swinging 10x10kg to 25x24kg. Having had 4 children (including twins) I never thought I would have strong abs again but the kettlebells have transformed my core strength. The buzz you get from 10 swings is the equivalent for me of running for 20mins but the bonus is that you tone-up and gain physical and mental strength in the process. Kettlebells get a lot of bad press from people who don’t use them properly: that’s why training with Steph has been so rewarding. She is motivating and results focused but above all, totally skilled in using them safely. I am hooked!
— Jane Padwick

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