Do you feel overweight or lacking in energy or both?

Are you lacking the drive and motivation to get to where you want to be?

Are you short on time and find it a struggle to eat as healthily as you'd like to?

Get With The Programme Can Help!

Get With The Programme offers one-to-one training and support to help you create a whole new way of thinking in leading a healthy, fit lifestyle for life.

Choose from Bootcamp, Kettlebells or Boxercise sessions or combine a mixture of those with cooking lessons in your home, one-to-one sessions and healthy shopping lists to create a bespoke plan that's designed to get you to your goal fast.

Get Support And Guidance Every Step Of The Way

If you are focused and determined to take the next step to reach your goal and smash your targets whether it is weight loss, body image or confidence-boosting our programmes will deliver… no messing!


    •    Daily support offered so no chance of feeling demotivated or losing sight of your goal

    •    Bespoke plans designed around you and your goals

    •    Creative ideas on how to keep your diet interesting

    •    Complete fool proof plan to keep you on your goal no matter what

    •    Results that last for life, not short term fixes


We can train you either in your home, in your garden or in any open space close to you which we will arrange. Working out in the great outdoors is invigorating not to mention a great way to boost vitamin D levels!


£45 per hour 

£400 for 10 sessions (valid for 3 months)

Bespoke programmes priced on request

What our clients are saying

Steph is an inspirational and phenomenal motivator. I was initially sceptical about personal training based on previous experience but am so happy that I took the step to take lessons with Steph.

She has an amazing ability to show me how much I can push myself when I “think” I can go no further. At every session I’m impressed at how Steph has a written plan of what exercises I am going to do individually tailored to my ability. Her accuracy is second to none in knowing what I as a client am capable of performing and how far she can push me.

After each session I feel a strong sense of achievement and pride in what I have accomplished. Surprisingly, I actually look forward to my sessions even though I know I will be challenged to the max.

With a genuine interest in her client’s well-being and improvement, Steph is the star and epitome of what a personal trainer should be.
— Natassa

Before I came to Stephanie, I didn’t do any exercise whatsoever, I didn’t have the motivation to join a gym or attend classes, and with my work hours found them inconvenient.

Stephanie is great! She adapts each session to keep things interesting and has a style that is very motivational and encouraging so you work hard and push yourself.

I know I will always find exercise hard but with Stephanie, I exercise!!!…for me this is the most important thing and will have a massive impact on my fitness longer term.
— Nicola
I have been working with Steph since August last year. I was at a point in my life where something needed to change with regards to my lifestyle. I was working full time and leaving little time to look after myself. I made poor food choices and didn’t have time to think about what I was eating or putting into my body which resulted in the pounds piling on. I had tried various weight loss groups but found them to only be a short term fix and unrealistic with regards to maintaining the weight loss. Right from the get go Steph has been positive and easy to talk to to. She has been patient and motivating. Her expert knowledge in good clean nutrition, fitness and exercise has taught me about the right foods to eat and how they impact on my body if i eat the wrong foods. We have done cooking sessions and prepared some delicious and healthy meals ( that I have since cooked several times because they are so delicious and easy to prepare) Training sessions are brilliant and I have gone from never even holding kettle bells to now swinging a 20kg, and from not being able to run 1 mile to recently completing the bath 1/2 marathon and developing an enjoyment in running long and short distances. Any questions i have asked, she has always answered honestly and realistically. Definitely worth every penny. As a result of training and working with Steph i have not just lost weight and become healthier, but made a lifestyle change that will last a lifetime. I never imagined I could look this good and feel this great but I have put the hard work in with the help and guidance of a fantastic trainer.
— Sarah Boorman